Found just north of the Forth and Clyde Canal and situated right on Bonny Water of the River Carron, Bonnybridge offers both its residents and its visitors a certain Scottish charm worth experiencing. A rich history dating back to the early 1700’s where through the years it has seen quite the development in land, population, and growth has all helped to make Bonnybridge what it is today.

And although the town in more recent years has become vastly known for its hundreds of UFO sightings in one given year, visiting this small gem of Scotland will prove to show you much more than just that. A visit to the south eastern side of town will bring you to the very well preserved section of the Antonine Wall, an UNESCO World Heritage Site where remnants of Rough Castle Fort still lay. Wander your way through the many inviting shops, cafes, and markets or drive around the area where you can gain a better feel for the heritage and culture that all began with papermills, whisky distilling, and sawmilling.

The perfect combination of natural beauty, an industrial hub, an easily accessibly location, and an overall alluring charm that seems to exude its every street corner, a visit to Bonnybridge will certainly prove to be one worth remembering while in beautiful Scotland.